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Maintaining our hair tend to become a prime directive in our everyday appearance, but unfortunately when things change or as time goes by, our hair fails to hold the same value as it used to. 

People are constantly finding ways to extend the life span of their hair. 

I experienced this from a young age myself, but fairly quickly learned to accept that my head will never be the same even though I was nowhere near ‘middle age’.

But then through taking actions and researching serums for hair growth etc, which failed to work for me I might add, came across scalp micropigmentation (SMP). 

It was a no brainer for me, not only did it not a big deal out of the situation, like going in for surgery, it was also very cost effective, non-invasive and pretty much pain free. 

Would I advise someone to look into SMP? Absolutely!

That is why I offer a FREE initial consultation face to face or online to help share my own experience with SMP and how it helped me in my own life. Not just with my physical appearance, but with my attitude to pursue a better life. , 


Supporters of mental health charities

Density SMP are passionate about mental health and we will always support financially by donating some of our profits every month to Mind.org.uk 


Density SMP supports mental health charities

Values we live by


Giving back to others

Giving to others strengthen ties to others and having positive social interactions is paramount to good mental and physical health.


Regaining confidence

Regaining confidence reminds us of our capabilities and helps address obstacles that keep you from feeling confident in our lives.


Improving mental health

Our mental health affects how we think about things, how we feel, and how we cope with life to make better choices.

Experts and partners

our team is prepared to help you with your goals and expectations.

our consultants

Conducted by our SMP expert to find out the your needs.


We partner up with professional counsellors for our patients to exclusively consult with regarding issues around confidence, esteem, depression and anxiety.

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