What are the bad things about scalp micropigmentation?

Now, like any treatment you may google on the internet, there are some downsides or disadvantages to having scalp micropigmentation (SMP) treatment. But as a person who has had the treatment myself, I can happily say that I did not experience any of these disadvantages at all. So the likeliness is minimal.

Here are some of the more well known disadvantages to getting SMP treatment:

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    Fixed look

    One of the most obviously points of SMP, which could be seen as a disadvantage, is that you will have a fixed look. Remember, SMP treatment is a semi permanent procedure, so it will fade after a few years. Your hair style is never going to change. But let’s face it, it does look good right?!

    Keep shaving your head

    Now for most people who have had SMP, it is likely that your real hair will continue to grow, so there is an expected upkeep when it comes to maintaining your great new look. You will constantly need to shave your head so that your hair grow does not make your new look seem ‘odd’ with hair growing in some places and some it isn’t. I shave my head every 2 days, I think this should be sufficient enough.


    Now this one is obviously depends on ones threshold for pain. I would more called it a discomfort than a painful procedure. Those who have had a tattoo before, you may not see this as painful at all. Now it is on the scalp, which is a sensitive area of the body as it is.

    “People with scalp acne or other skin sensitives like psoriasis should avoid getting SMP during a breakout or flare-up, as it will be difficult to apply pigment to the inflamed areas. If you’re prone to developing keloids, which are more common in darker skin, you may also not be a good candidate for SMP.” (Healthline.com)

    Growing old with grey hair

    Now as you get older, those grey hairs will start creeping on you, more likely when you start going into your 40s – 50s very likely, maybe a bit earlier. Now as your hair starts to go grey, your SMP does not, it keeps it’s original colour, which can be around 5 years average before significant fading. But then you could get a top up session with w more appropriate colour. But seek guidance from an SMP consultant beforehand.

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