Do I need a patch test for Scalp Micropigmentation?

Do I need a patch test?

We always recommend that clients take patch test, although it is not needed. Following your initial consultation you can decide whether or not you’d like a patch test. 

What will the patch test involve?

Quite simply, we apply a small amount of pigment ink on a very small and discreet area of your scalp or arm. A very light shade of pigment will be used to keep the area as inconspicuous as possible.

Known allergies or skin conditions?

The patch test is perfect for clients who suffer from existing skin complaints, as the patch test will help identify any potential reactions. We would ask you to monitor the area for any swelling, itching, or rash, and will afterwards advise on the suitability of treatment.

Our pigment contains 100% natural ingredients and we have never had any clients experience any kind of reaction. Adverse reactions to Scalp Micropigmentation are very rare. 

How long does the patch test take?

A patch test will only take around fifteen minutes.

How much does the patch test cost?

Nothing! Absolutely free! We provide a free of charge patch test to any client who requests one following consultation and completion of a medical questionnaire and disclaimer.

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