How long does scalp micropigmentation last?

Micropigmentation is considered ‘semi-permanent‘. Even though the effects of SMP may last up to eight years, the treated areas will fade over time since all skin naturally exfoliates itself. Everyone will be different, but we do recommend a top-up every 3 – 5 years, depending on the treatment you have had.

How exactly does scalp micropigmentation work?

SMP is administered by a qualified technician, by natural pigments being implanted underneath the outer and waterproof layer of your skin which is known as the epidermis.

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Pigments are then implanted using a machine and a microneedle in a series of tiny dots. Once the implants have healed over they leave a marking that resembles hair follicles.

The end result looks like a freshly barbered and iconic buzz-cut or underlying shading, providing a look of density.

When it comes to scarring from surgery, burns or birthmarks, scalp micropigmentation can be administered to even out the linear aspect deeming the blemish near to invisible to the naked eye.

What are the risks?

Many people get this confused, scalp micropigmentation isn’t technically considered as a tattoo. The main reason why is because tattoo ink goes much deeper into the skin and is injected with a thicker needle.

Treatments like SMP and other permanent makeup do carry similar risks, which include allergies to certain components in the pigment and infection associated with the tattoo ink.

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